The cherry is in many cultures a symbol of serenity and grace, but also of sacrifice and passion, the same ones that since 1962 , we have been putting into our cafeteria and pastry shop in the historic Caffè. Norba a stone's throw from Dimora Tolosa. The experience in customer care and in satisfying their needs has led us after over 60 years of activity to open to hospitality a structure designed to transfer to tourists from all over the world our innate sense of hospitality and love for the products of our territory.

And it is the typical fruits of Conversano and its countryside such as almonds, cherries, table grapes, figs, which are the protagonists of the recipes of succulent jams and traditional sweets that will delight your awakenings at Dimora Tolosa. Alongside the classic croissants and brioches, you will find our pies, fruit cakes and a typical dessert such as Pastatella , a crumbly pasta with extra virgin olive oil with a filling of cherry jam, grape, with strawberries, but also the delicious desserts made with almond paste, always ready to make a bouquet of Puglia explode on the table when you wake up with us.

Enjoying ancient and genuine flavors , enhanced by the choice of making them at home, using only organic products, almost always self-produced, will be a pleasant habit that will give you energy in the morning necessary and will put you in the right mood for pleasant tours and relaxing walks in our surroundings.

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